About Us

Senior Advocates Residential Care (SARC) promotes the well-being of residents and staff alike in a safe, caring, comfortable living environment that offers opportunities for growth, purpose, and companionship, where everyone can thrive.

We believe that love, encouragement, companionship provided with meaningful care increases each resident’s quality of life.

We are dedicated erasing the stigma that Care facilities are boring and lonely places for helpless and hopeless people.

Our staff & caregivers are dedicated to empowering our residents in living meaningful lives by balancing the needs of the body and the human spirit.

Our Mission at SARC:

  • Strive to provide the highest quality of care
  • Take care each resident with respect and dignity
  • Encourage each resident to function at his/her highest level of independence
  • Create a “home away from home” environment
  • Make certain that our residents are safe, happy, healthy and living meaningful lives.